4" Universal IC Housing



• Thermally Protected IC housing.
• Adjustable socket bracket.
• Wire through junction box.
• Preinstalled adjustable bar hanger.
• Dependable, favorable design and effortless installation.
• 7-¼" height allows use in 2" x 8" joist construction.
• Special screw on the frame locks bar hangers in place which prevents the housing from any movement once installed.
• Preinstalled socket cap provides electrical contact protection against dust, paint and over spray.


Elite B4IC Miniature Air Tight Recessed Lighting Housing, 1 Lamp, 50 W PAR30 Incandescent Lamp, Ceiling Mount. Small aperture housing designed for new construction. Thermally protected, IC rated specification grade recessed housing. Accommodates up to 50W PAR20, R20, and A19 lamps. Furnished with preinstalled adjustable bar hangers. Junction box is provided with four 1/2 inch KOs, one 3/4 inch KO and four Romex knockouts with strain relief.

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