17W PAR38 LED 5000K


Warm and bright, these LED high performance lamps offer aesthetically pleasing designs combined with quality and energy efficiency.

• Energy efficient: up to 85% less energy than halogen replacements
• Smooth, uniform dimming
• Long life: 25,000 hours
• 120W, 90W, 75W, 60W and 50W replacements
• NEW smooth outer housing
• Excellent color consistency and high color rendering (CRI)


Up to 85% less energy than halogen alternatives
Long life
Unique full face optic
Smooth, clean outside housing
Very low heat generation
Excellent color consistency and CRI
Light weight
UL approved for damp location
Shatter resistant
Instant energy savings
Minimizes replacement and maintenance costs
Provides designer grade light quality with same look as halogen replacement
Seemlessly blends into lighting applications
Perfect for sensitive display lighting such as art galleries
Enhances colors of focal point while maintaining uniformity throughout lighting installation from lamp to lamp
Track or down light installations are not strained by excess weight
Can be used outdoors when protected from elements—withstands humidity indoors/outdoors
Lower the risk of injury and breakage

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